Greens hope ‘Fat Cat’ will boost support

By Jonathan Moore

The Green party in the East of England have launched a new campaign aimed squarely at claiming the ‘anti-fat-cat’ vote.

The image used in the campaign shows a portly feline sitting atop a pile of cash and sporting a grin reminiscent of recent YouTube sensation Gordon Brown, encircled and crossed by a bold red line.

“It has already generated an enormous response,” said Rupert Read, who tops the party’s East of England list.

“The ‘Fat Cat’ reflects public outrage over high-rolling politics as usual. And it underscores by contrast the clean politics alternative that the Greens are promoting.”

The new campaign will be rolled out over various media platforms ahead of this week’s European elections where the Green party is expecting to perform well.

Following the furore over MPs’ expenses many feel this upcoming election will see many voters moving away from the main parties and the Greens hope, with this kind of directed advertising, they will be able to garner a great deal of that support.