Muslim leaders get out the vote

By staff

Muslim leaders are calling on their community not to stay at home during the upcoming European election because of the expenses scandal.

As analysts predict a record-breaking low turnout, due in part to widespread disillusionment with mainstream politics, Muslim leaders are concerned too many voters staying at home could allow the far-right to slip through.

In a joint statement, Islamic scholars representing diverse traditions and schools of thought called on the Muslim community to mobilise and actively take part in the elections and vote on June 4th.

“In Britain, our democratic system is undergoing serious upheaval as many people are justifiably sceptical about our political class embroiled in scandal,” it reads.

“Muslims too are understandably de-motivated by this and there will be a stronger temptation to stay away from the forthcoming elections.

“We urge all to resist this tendency. Muslims should exercise their vote, and use the opportunity, alongside their fellow Britons, to vote for people who they feel will represent them, and will discharge their duty to seek the common good in a spirit of public service.

“It is a time to demand greater scrutiny of those who represent us.”

It continues: “For the first time, openly anti-Muslim parties have a very real chance of gaining national prominence by winning a seat in the European Parliament.

“They will join Islamophobes from continental Europe to further perpetuate their message of hate against Muslims.

“If they get elected, they will have public funding that will only amplify their vicious Islamophobia.”

Local and European elections take place on June 4th.

Results for the local elections should start coming in around midday on June 5th, but European results will not become clear until June 7th.