Page 3 girl urges MEPs to bare all

By staff

Page 3 girl Rhian Sugden will be baring all in Parliament Square today in an effort to convince Britain’s MEPs to come clean about their expenses before the country goes to the polls on June 4th.

The stunt is being organised by Libertas, which is campaigning ahead of the European elections next month.

“The British public have seen the Westminster politicians for the freeloaders they really are – dipping into money that should have been allocated to schools and hospitals in order to furnish their homes and clean their moats,” said Libertas UK leader Robin Matthews.

“The fact is that European politics is so far removed from the British public that they are unaware that the same abuses of power and responsibility have been going on in Brussels for many years – it is the original gravy train.”

Ms Sugden will appear in the colours of the European flag.

European MEPs operate according to a clocking-in system not dissimilar to that suggested by Gordon Brown in his now infamous YouTube appearance suggesting how to reform MPs expenses in Westminster.