London G20: Excel centre

By staff

Protestors are pushing a giant ‘iceberg’ to the Excel centre in Docklands this evening as part of a demonstration against climate change ahead of the G20 summit.

Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC), the group who have organised ‘Fossil Fools Day’, encouraged people to dress in white and bring their own, smaller ice cubes to highlight melting ice caps caused by global warming.

Listen to climate change campaigner Nick Hutton give his views on why the environment needs to be top of the G20’s agenda:

Campaigners said the aim of Fossil Fools Day is to “speed up the end of the fossil fuel empire, and the beginnings of a more just and sustainable world.”

Last year on April 1st, people took part in office occupations, banner drops, street theatre, and city centre parades across four continents.

This year, organisers promised the event will be “bigger, better and bolder.”

The gathering at the Excel centre is the sister protest to the demonstration at the Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate, where activists are attempting to occupy the road in front of the building.

Earlier today our correspondent at the centre, Kelvin Goodson, said it was “extremely quiet”, with the main event not expected to get underway until around 18:00 BST.

“There are five people in boiler suits and two others building an ice sculpture but that’s it.”

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