London anarchists launch Greek solidarity protest

London anarchists are protesting today in solidarity with their counterparts on the streets of Greece.

It is the second time London-based groups have hit the streets in support of Greek activists, with a protest outside the Greek embassy last Monday leading to two arrests.

Groups are meeting at 14:30 GMT in Dalston Lane, east London.

Solidarity actions have been undertaken by anarchist groups across Europe, Australia and the US since the killing of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos at the hands of police on December 6th.

The riots, which have taken place across Greece, have spread to include demands for change in economic and social policy, as well as concerted action to topple the country’s centre-right government.

A briefing released to international anarchist groups by Greek activists claimed police have begun incorporating fascist groups, such as Golden Morning into their attacks on protestors.

The briefing read: “Since Tuesday night police has been attacking us with plastic bullets, along with Nazi-fascists groups, stones, and arrests of children etc. It is the sixth day we haven’t actually slept so we are getting a bit tired. We are getting short of Molotovs (it’s kind of funny! I never thought I would ever, ever say something like that – beer bottles are vanishing).”

But late last week anarchists were also attacking police posts, with student protesters pelting 20 police stations with rocks and bottles.

At least 70 people have been injured and about 100 arrested since the riots began, although the true figure is probably far higher.