Greek unrest spreads to London embassy

The effects of the Greek riots are being felt in London today, with two arrests reported at an anarchist demonstration outside the Greek embassy.

Protestors are reported to have burnt a Greek flag and put up a black one in its place. The black flag is the international symbol of Anarchism.

The Police have not yet confirmed the arrests.

The protest comes after Greece experiences a third day of rioting in response to the shooting of a 15-year-old boy inj Athens.

Anarchists rampaged through the streets of Thessaloniki and Trikala, setting fire to cars and shops while police retaliated against Molotov cocktails and rocks with tear gas.

Rioting broke out in the capital on Saturday as a direct response to the fatal shooting of Alexandros Andreas Grigoropoulos.

The two officers involved – one of whom has been arrested on suspicion of murder – claim their car was attacked by 30 youths and the boy died when a warning shot ricocheted.

But eyewitnesses claim the officer specifically aimed at Alexandros.

The incident, in the Exarchia area of Athens, led to unrest across the country, including Patras, Larissa, Crete, Samos and Cofu.

A rally organised by the Greek Communist party in Athens later today is expected to inflame tensions further, while previously-arranged strike action over pension and economic reform is taking place throughout the week.