Public sector workers ‘must reject Tories’

The GMB union has called on all public sector workers to boycott the Conservatives.

The call follows comments by David Cameron for public sector pensions to be phased out in favour of alternate pension schemes.

“The 4.5 million members in public sector pension schemes and their families should pay heed to Tory plans when it comes to voting at the next general election,” said Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary.

“David Cameron has managed, until recently, to hide the old, worn out and discredited Tory party agenda, which is to attack ordinary workers and their families.

“It is now clear that the Tory party has not moved away from the primitive philosophy of laissez-faire capitalism and the delusion that shovelling more savings to their discredited friends in the City will end pensioner poverty.”

The union is currently offering the government substantial support, but its relationship with Labour is not without complications. In 2004, it refused a Labour request for a £744,000 donation.