SNP launches new attack against GB football team

The Scottish National party (SNP) has launched a new attack against the idea of a British Olympic football team.

SNP sport spokesman Pete Wishart has called on Fifa to investigate interference by the UK government over attempts to “force through” the 2012 team.

Mr Wishart has also written to prime minister Gordon Brown seeking an explanation for the alleged “meddling” and highlighting Fifa statutes that prohibit political intervention by governments.

Mr Wishart said: “The Labour government at Westminster is playing politics with the people’s game by trying to force through a British Olympic football team with no regard for the views of the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland football authorities or the fans of all four home nations, who are united in their opposition to this daft and dangerous idea.

“Significantly, all four home nations’ supporters associations are actively working together to oppose this irresponsible idea.”