US elections: Results

A summary of the US election results from November 4th.

White House

Barack Obama and John McCain spent the last year campaigning to be the 44th US president. The ultimate finishing line lay in the electoral college, where 270 votes were needed for victory.

State McCain Obama Others Electoral College Votes
Alabama Win 9
Alaska Win 3
Arizona 10
Arkansas Win 6
California Win 55
Colorado Win 9
Connecticut Win 7
Delaware Win 3
District of Columbia Win 3
Florida Win 27
Georgia Win 15
Hawaii Win 4
Idaho Win 4
Illinois Win 21
Indiana Win 11
Iowa Win 7
Kansas Win 6
Kentucky Win 8
Louisiana Win 9
Maine Win 4
Maryland Win 10
Massachusetts Win 12
Michigan Win 17
Minnesota Win 10
Mississippi Win 6
Missouri 11
Montana win 3
Nebraska Win 5
Nevada Win 5
New Hampshire Win 4
New Jersey Win 15
New Mexico Win 5
New York Win 31
North Carolina 15
North Dakota Win 3
Ohio Win 20
Oklahoma Win 7
Oregon Win 7
Pennsylvania Win 21
Rhode Island Win 4
South Carolina Win 8
South Dakota Win 3
Tennessee Win 11
Texas Win 34
Utah Win 5
Vermont Win 3
Virginia Win 13
Washington Win 11
West Virgina Win 5
Wisconsin Win 10
Wyoming Win 3


The Democrats took a 51-49 seat majority in Congress’ upper house in midterm elections in 2006. This time around they are consolidating their majority, but don’t look like reaching the crucial 60-seat ‘super-majority’ which prevents legislation-blocking filibusters.

State Winner Margin of victory Change
Alabama Sessions 63% none
Arkansas Pryor (D) unopposed none
Colorado Udall (D) 53% R to D
Delaware Biden (D) 65% none
Georgia Chambliss (R) 52%
Idaho Risch (R) 55% none
Illinois Durbin (D) 67% none
Iowa Harkin (D) 62% none
Kansas Roberts (R) 60% none
Kentucky McConnell (R) 53% none
Louisiana Landrieu (D) 51% none
Maine Collins (R) 60% none
Massachusetts Kerry (D) 66% none
Michigan Levin (D) 62% none
Mississippi Cochran (R) 62% none
Mississippi (through 2012) Wicker (R) 56% none
Montana Baucus (D) 75% none
Nebraska Johanns (R) 57% none
New Hampshire Shaheen (D) 52% R to D
New Jersey Lautenberg (D) 55% none
New Mexico Udall (D) 60% R to D
North Carolina Hagan (D) 53% R to D
Oklahoma Inhofe(R) 57% none
Rhode Island Reed (R) 73% none
South Carolina Graham (R) 58% R to D
South Dakota Johnson (D) 62% none
Tennessee Alexander (R) 67% none
Texas Cornyn (R) 55% none
Virginia Warner (D) 64% R to D
West Virginia Rockefeller (D) 64% none
Wyoming Enzi (R) 76% none
Wyoming (through 2012) Barrasso (R) 74% none

Most of the governor elections this time around have seen the states stay as they were – with one exception.

State Winner Margin of victory Change
Delaware Markell (D) 68% none
Indiana Daniels (R) 58% none
Missouri Nixon (D) 58% R to D
Montana Schweitzer (D) 67% none
New Hampshire Lynch (D) 70% none
North Carolina Perdue (D) 50% none
North Dakota Hoeven (R) 75% none
Utah Huntsman (R) 76% none
Vermont Douglas (R) 55% none
Washington Gregorie (D) 52% none
West Virginia Manchin (D) 70% none