Fighting talk: Brown outlines ‘fairness’ policy document

Gordon Brown says “radical” changes in the political landscape mean change is needed to keep Labour in power in a policy document published this afternoon.

The prime minister, facing a fight for his political future at next week’s party conference in Manchester, said he wants to achieve a “fairer and more prosperous society” in the Winning the Fight for Britain’s Future paper.

In a clear attack against Conservative leader David Cameron’s description of Britain as a “broken society”, Mr Brown says Labour does not have a “pessimistic vie that runs Britain down all the time”.

“This country has never been broken. It is not now. Nor will it be.

“Instead with government passing more power and control to patients, parents, communities, and citizens, we have a real opportunity to forge an even fairer and more prosperous society.”

Mr Brown says “radical change” has given Labour “extraordinary new opportunities” and that these must be seized upon.

“New times ask new questions and demand new answers. Only Labour can provide them for all the people of our country,” he concludes.