Boris loses adviser in race row

London mayor Boris Johnson has been forced to accept the resignation of a senior political adviser over a race controversy.

City Hall confirmed that Mr Johnson had accepted the resignation of James McGrath over his comment about Caribbean immigrants that they could return to their country of origin if they dislike the new mayor.

The quote was sourced by a citizen journalism website, Journalist Marc Wadsworth asked Mr McGrath how he would respond to the pre-election suggestion by Darcus Howe that Mr Johnson’s election would result in an exodus by West Indian immigrants.

Mr Wadsworth quoted Mr McGrath as responding: “Well, let them go if they don’t like it here.”

Fears that Mr McGrath continuing in his job could provide “ammunition” for the mayor’s critics resulted in the decision that he leave City Hall, Mr Johnson said.

“James’s remark was taken out of context and distorted, but he recognises the need for crystal clarity on a vital issue like this.

“Unfortunately, his remarks in a conversation with an internet journalist, published this weekend, made it impossible for him to continue in. [his] role.”