New Ukip MP seeks Tory U-turn on EU constitution

Conservative outcast Bob Spink has launched a scathing attack against his former party’s “greatest failure” on the EU reform treaty.

Mr Spink, the member for Castle Point in Essex, says the Tories were guilty of “dishonesty” over the Lisbon treaty because of their refusal to “revoke” the “constitution” if they get into power.

He explained the Tories’ “opportunistic and hypocritical” policy on the EU constitution had been the “straw that broke the camel’s back” when it came to his decision to become Ukip’s first MP earlier this week.

“I hope I can force the Conservative party to do a U-turn and actually commit to get rid of the EU constitution if it gets power,” he told

His objections lie with Tory calls for a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, which the Conservatives had argued was necessary because of its similarity to the abandoned EU constitution concept.

“The public see this as opportunistic and hypocritical, but sadly it’s typical of the policy that’s crept into Westminster politics,” Mr Spink added.

He reserved his greatest criticism for Conservative leader David Cameron, a “young man” who he believes has “a very great media and communication skill”.

“He comes across as a very warm person. But he’s got a lot to learn about real politics and about listening to people,” Mr Spink added.

“He’s chasing the middle ground and politically correct agenda at the expense of sound policy.”

Mr Spink was involved in a dispute last month about whether he had jumped or been pushed from the Tory party.

Chief whip Patrick McLoughlin had said the matter had been resolved as a disciplinary matter but Mr Spink dismissed the claim last month as “brass-knecked dishonesty”.

Mr Spink defied the Tory whip 22 times in the current parliamentary session, he claimed.