Environmentalists disappointed by UK’s renewables record

The UK’s renewable energy performance is a “national disgrace”, environmental campaigners claim today.

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and Enoughsenough.org say the UK is flagging behind Germany in terms of renewable resources.

They argue that Germany has 200 times more solar power and more than ten times more wind power installed than the UK.

The three groups have placed an advert in national newspapers today highlighting the differences between the two countries.

They are calling for the government to adopt legislation giving people a renewable energy reward.

This reward would be a long-term contract with the National Grid guaranteeing a premium price for all renewable energy generated by homes and businesses – also known as a feed-in tariff.

This proposal will be debated when the energy bill goes before the House of Commons later this month.

Friends of the Earth economics campaigner Dave Timms described the UK’s renewable energy performance as “feeble”.

“If we want families and businesses to tackle climate change by investing in clean technologies such as solar panels for their homes and offices then they must get a guaranteed premium payment for all the renewable energy they generate,” he added.

“The government must take this opportunity to amend the current energy bill to include legislation for a feed-in tariff.

“Countries, such as Germany, who have adopted this policy have raced ahead in generating renewable energy while also creating the green jobs and low-carbon industries of the future.”

Greenpeace UK’s chief policy adviser Benet Northcote added: “The UK’s renewable energy performance is shocking. We have the best potential for clean electricity in Europe, but we languish near the bottom of the table compared to other countries.

“A renewable energy tariff would help kick start the energy revolution we need if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.”