Blair pushes for climate change action in Brussels

Tony Blair heads to Brussels today to discuss climate change with European leaders.

European Council leaders are meeting at a two-day summit where the prime minister has said he will push for action on climate change.

Mr Blair believes Europe has a “fantastic opportunity” to take the lead in pushing for targets on reducing energy consumption and stemming climate change.

At a press conference with Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt earlier in the week, Mr Blair said: “We have a real possibility of showing how Europe can lead a debate on climate change and energy security and deregulation.”

Mr Blair will focus on the European energy policy action plan and push for climate protection targets.

Yesterday during prime minister’s questions Mr Blair said: “I look forward to going to the European Council tomorrow in order to bring forward proposals for climate change, where I am pleased to say that at least this government will have some allies in ensuring that the battle against climate change is taken to a proper fruition.”

Downing Street has suggested that the prime minister will back targets for 20 per cent of the European Union’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020.

Germany currently holds the EU presidency and has itself said climate change is a priority.

Next week the government is expected to publish its draft bill on climate change. The legislation will commit the government to reducing carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2050.