Reid: Evidence in UK terror plot substantial

John Reid has insisted that ongoing police inquiries into the alleged terror plot involving ten transatlantic flights are based upon “substantial material”.

In an interview with US news channel ABC, the home secretary also emphasised that the public should remember that it was still a “suspected” plot at this stage.

Police investigating the alleged plot are expected to ask for extended time to question about half of the 23 people they are currently holding in custody, but Mr Reid explained that owing to the “ongoing judicial process” it was impossible to discuss specific details.

“But what I can say is that the police and the security authorities are content that their investigation is rewarding substantial material, which would allow them to take forward the judicial process,” he said.

Speculation has been rife as to how exactly the supposed terrorists could have planned to detonate ten separate flights between Britain and the US, but Mr Reid reiterated that there was “no question” that modern terrorists were capable of such actions.

“Not only are they unconstrained in intentions and actions, but unconstrained in terms of capability, as chemical and biological, radiological and modern technological forms of destruction are available in relatively simple formats,” he said.

Mr Reid said that it was “relatively simple” for a would-be terrorist to make an effective explosive device, and that the real challenge for terrorists was to overcome the anti-terror security restrictions in place around the world.

The home secretary also revealed that the government would be looking to introduce further anti-terror legislation and measures in the coming months.