Tebbit attacks Cameron over chat show

David Cameron has come under attack from within his own party for his appearance on Jonathan Ross’s chat show.

Former conservative chairman Lord Tebbit said the Tory leader was left “visibly embarrassed” after the chat show host made “obscene” remarks about Margaret Thatcher.

At one point, Mr Ross asked Mr Cameron whether he had sexual fantasies about the former primer minister as a youngster.

Lord Tebbit told BBC One’s Sunday AM: “Here you have got the extraordinary example of David Cameron making the awful mistake … of talking to this slob Jonathan Ross finding himself thoroughly embarrassed by Ross using the occasion for making an obscene attack on Margaret Thatcher.

“He should never have been there; don’t go on shows like that.”

The former Conservative party chairman went further in comments to the Daily Mail, telling the paper Mr Ross should be sacked.

“The BBC ought to take action against Ross, but they won’t,” he said.

On less controversial territory, Mr Cameron said elsewhere in the interview that while Tony Blair had made “some great steps” in foreign affairs during the last nine years, his domestic record was more questionable.

He told Friday Night with Jonathan Ross that the Conservatives would keep and “build on” some aspects of the government’s policy, but insisted voters wanted a change.

The Tory leader also said he still believed it was right to go to war in Iraq and that Britain must “see it through”.

“You’ve got to do what you think is right even if it’s unpopular, that’s the only thing you can do,” he told the chat show host.