Cameron: Being a good father is everything

Conservative leader David Cameron has said his family is more important to him than his ambitions to become prime minister.

In an article for the Sunday Times to mark Fathers’ Day, Mr Cameron said that nothing gives him “greater satisfaction” than raising his children.

The father-of-three, whose eldest son Ivan suffers from severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy, said: “For all children and most adults, our family is the most important thing in our lives.

“I love my job, and I passionately want to have the chance, as prime minister, to help improve people’s lives.

“But the fact is that whatever I do or don’t achieve in politics, nothing matters as much as my family. Nothing is tougher, or will give me greater satisfaction, than raising my children properly.”

Mr Cameron added that his children, who also include two-year-old daughter Nancy and new baby Arthur Elwen, “couldn’t care less” whether he became Britain’s premier and stressed that a “successful dad” was one who spent time with his offspring.

The Tory leader, who will give a speech this week on the family, also used the article to attack the government’s policies on childcare, claiming they had caused “disappointment and failure”.

“We should focus on how to raise our level of GWB – general well-being,” said Mr Cameron.

“Acknowledging and celebrating parenthood as a key determinant of a healthy society and offering practical solutions to the challenges families face are not only important goals in themselves – they’re essential steps in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Responding to the article, an unnamed Labour MP told the Sunday Times that Mr Cameron had exploited his children in a “cynical Fathers’ Day stunt”.