Kelly family “tragedy must not be repeated”

The family of Dr David Kelly have urged the government to ensure that no-one else suffers the ordeal suffered by the scientist.

The Kelly family issued a statement via their lawyers, explaining that they needed longer to reflect on those parts of the Hutton report that directly involve them.

They also noted that Lord Hutton’s conclusions had varied in part from the evidence they themselves submitted, but thanked the former law lord for conducting a “highly charged inquiry” with “compassion and dignity”.

The family’s solicitor, Peter Jacobsen, said: “No other person should have to suffer the pressure he experienced.

“If their personal tragedy is not to be compounded…the government (must) take action to ensure the ordeal suffered by Dr Kelly is never repeated.”

Dr Kelly left a widow, Janice, and three daughters, Sian, 32, and twins Rachel and Ellen, 30.

The family said they understood the call for a statement following Lord Hutton’s speech and understood the “legitimate” interest from the media in the inquiry.

They added that it was right that the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly’s death had been investigated.
The family pointed out that Lord Hutton had not made any recommendations for the future, but said that they hoped the government would learn from the tragedy.

The family concluded that they still have to come to terms with their loss, which they have had to endure under the spotlight, and asked that they be allowed to grieve privately and without intrusion.