Comedy terrorist report blames police

A report into how self-styled “comedy terrorist” Aaron Barschak managed to gatecrash Prince William’s 21st birthday party has heavily criticised the police.

The report out today pinpoints a “series of errors” on the part of police. Mr Barschak reportedly set off six or seven alarms around the castle, which were not responded to and was also caught on CCTV.

Mr Barschak managed to breach security at Windsor Castle on June 21st and get up on stage while the Prince was giving a speech after climbing a tree to get over a wall.

The report, which was written by commander Frank Armstrong of the City of London force, gives a list of 28 recommendations into how security around the Royal Family can be improved. However, the document does not single out any one officer in particular for blame.

The chief inspector in charge of security at the castle on the night of the party has already been moved from his post and disciplinary proceedings have been taken against eight officers.

The report reveals that security cameras were blocked by vehicles belonging to contractors working at the party, there appears to have been no police supervision of contractors and there was no uniformed presence deployed in the area in which Mr Barschak scaled a wall to gain access to the castle.

The vast majority of senior members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, attended Prince William’s party.

Mr Barschak ran through a brief routine on stage, dressed as Osama bin Laden, in a bizarre outfit of peach dress, sunglasses, turban and false beard, and was only arrested when he planted a kiss on Prince William’s cheek.

In a statement issued in response to the report, home secretary David Blunkett said, “The main thrust of Commander Armstrong’s report is that the security lapse was caused by operational errors on the part of the police.

“I am grateful for the Commissioner Sir John Stevens’ recognition of that fact and for his resolve to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

The Commissioner has assured me that significant lessons have been learnt from this incident and that the important service that the police play in protecting the Royal family will be further improved.”

“We will learn the lessons from the incident and do everything we can to prevent such breaches happening again in the future,” he added.

Mr Barschak, 37, from Golders Green, north London has stated publicly that he regrets the stunt. Police decided not to prosecute him for his actions.

Following the events at the Windsor party, a review of security has been ordered at all the Royal palaces.