British suspect found not guilty in Morocco

One of two men suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks in Morocco has been cleared during his court case.

Anthony Perry Jensen, a thirty-seven year old Londoner, was cleared of accusations that he was a member of Salafia Jihadia, an islamist organisation believed to be behind five bombings. He will however serve four months for immorality relating to his marriage to a 17 year old.

The prosecution argued that Mr Jensen had discussed the merits of Jihad with friends linked to Salafia Jihadia, while in Morocco, though the judge accepted his defence that the discussions took place shortly after the terrorist attacks on the USA and was an unavoidable topic of conversation.

The Judge also discarded a signed statement presented by the prosecution in which Mr Jensen had admitted to training with guns in Chechnya and Afghanistan. The form was in Arabic and the defendant argued that he did not know what it said.

Mr Jensen is said to be relieved that he has been cleared of such serious accusations, and has accepted his sentence for immorality.

His four months in prison will be served as a result of his failure to properly register his marriage to a 17-year-old Moroccan girl, after it was alleged that he was a bigamist.

Abdellatif Merroun, a British man with Moroccan nationality, also faces charges relating to the bombings, which happened in May.

The five bombs were aimed at Jewish and western targets in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. 44 people died.