Hamas vows retribution for Israel’s “violation”

Israeli troops yesterday invaded a West Bank Palestinian refugee camp, killing four people, including two Hamas activists.

Israel’s Army was searching for two senior Hamas men, allegedly planning to attack the Jewish state, according to reports.

It is reported that the Israeli Army blew up a building housing eight families during the incursion.

An Israeli sergeant was also killed.

Hamas has vowed retribution against Israel’s “violation” at the Nablus’ Askar refugee camp but said it would abide with the fragile five-week-old cease-fire or hudna.

Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, the Islamist movement’s political leader, claimed it had the “full right to teach the Zionists a lesson.”

He said: “The Zionist enemy bears responsibility for liquidating the ceasefire. They have struck it a fatal blow.”

But, earlier, Ismail Abu Shanab, a major player in Hamas, said the body may rethink the truce.

Separately, US Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Israel to dismantle the “snaking” fence cleaving its way through the West Bank.

“The fence is developing in a way that will make it very difficult to reach the next stage of the road map,” he said.