A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read articles of the week:

Five: Nigel Farage reveals his true colours with Donald Trump endorsement

Nigel Farage is no stranger to controversy but our item in fifth place this week suggested that his endorsement of Donald Trump has removed any last shed of respectability he still had.

Four: The attacks on Sadiq Khan shows Labour have given up on winning

Our next piece looked at the reaction to Sadiq Khan coming out in support of Owen Smith in the Labour leadership contest.  It suggested the backlash shows that the party is now permanently divided between those who care about winning and those who don't.

Three: It wasn't The Sun that got SAS soldier released from prison

The Sun newspaper is claiming that its campaign to free an ex-SAS soldier has been a success after he was released early by a parole board. But this piece suggested the 'victory' isn't quite as it seems.

Two: Owen Smith: There are too many immigrants in parts of Britain

In second place is a piece from last month which has made it back into our most-read list this week. It reported on comments made by Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith which suggested that there were too many immigrants in some parts of the UK.

One: The Brexit surrender: Labour waves the white flag

And in the top spot is an article which looked at Labour's response to Brexit. It found that that the party seems intent on making sure we undergo a hard Brexit rather than a soft one.