Pick of the week: The London mayoral race gets dirty

A chance for you to catch up on our most-read stories of the week.

Five: Channel Four allegations reveal a darker side to Boris Johnson

As Boris Johnson's time as London mayor draws to an end his record at City Hall will come under closer scrutiny. Our fifth placed item is a piece from back in 2014 which has resurfaced this week, it suggested that when Boris comes under pressure a darker side to him is revealed.

FourI wish I'd never decided to work in an immigration detention centre

In fourth place is an anonymous account from a guard in an immigration detention centre who explained why working in a system which detains people who have never committed a crime, keeps him up at night.

Three: IDS loses legal challenge to keep Universal Credit problems secret

Our next piece reported that the Department for Work and Pensions has been ordered to publish potentially damning documents relating back to the early days of Universal Credit.

Two: The day police told Parliament to end the war on drugs

A former police chief, a soldier and a spy are probably the last people you would expect to be calling on MPs to end the war on drugs but that's just what happened in Parliament recently. This piece detailed some of their arguments for reform.

One: Zac Goldsmith warns ethnic minorities that Sadiq Khan will put their family jewellery at risk

Our most-read item this week reported on leaflets which  Zac Goldmsith sent out to minority groups warning them that a vote for Sadiq Khan could put their family jewellery at risk. It suggested that this is one of several divisive tactics being used by the Tories in the campaign for the next London mayor.