Pick of the week: Prisons, drugs and sex workers

A chance for you to catch up on our most-read stories of the week.

Five: Despite Tory attacks, Sadiq Khan remains on course for landslide victory

There has been an ugly side to the London mayoral campaign recently with repeated attempts to portray Sadiq Khan as "linked to extremists". Our item in fifth place this week reported that the attacks seem to have been unsuccessful as a new poll suggested the Labour candidate remained on course to succeed Boris Johnson.

Four: Nigel Farage says he doesn't care if 'irrelevant' Douglas Carswell leaves Ukip

The feud between the Ukip leader and the party's only MP shows no signs of abating as our piece from last week revealed that Nigel Farage described Douglas Carswell as "irrelevant" and insisted he didn't care if he left the party.

Three: The Lib Dem cannabis legalisation system revealed

In third place is a look at the plans by the Lib Dems for a regulated cannabis market which use a rather conservative approach to help to alleviate concerns from critics.

Two: Corbyn will be punished for his bravery on sex work

The debate over the decriminalisation of sex work is always a heated one. All too often both sides resort to throwing accusations around about their opponents putting women at risk. Our next piece suggested this was evident from the backlash Jeremy Corbyn received for daring to air his views on the subject. It argues that those who attacked the Labour leader for betraying women are ignoring what sex workers themselves say.

One: Serco's prison falls into chaos

This piece on the latest damning report into a UK prison is our most-read item this week. Prisoners at the Serco run Doncaster prison were found to be too scared to leave their cells with violence, drugs and gang activity all reported to be widespread.