Pick of the week: Cameron’s shame

A chance for you to catch up on our top five most-read stories of the week.

Five: The SNP government is drifting towards authoritarianism

In fifth place this week is an article which pointed towards comments made by Alex Salmond about banning "all Donald Trumps" from Scotland and the passing of a law which could see football fans questioned and arrested just for the clothes they are wearing, as evidence that Scotland is drifting towards authoritarianism under the SNP.

Four: Could the Psychoactive Substances Bill trigger the end of drug prohibition?

Next is a piece from last week which gave a glimmer of hope to British drug reformers. It suggested that the Irish equivalent to our Psychoactive Substances Bill was such a failure that it actually prompted real progress on drug reform in the country. With Ireland now moving towards the decriminalisation of possession of all drugs, this piece asked if the same could happen here.

Three: PMQs verdict: Cameron shames himself with 'bunch of migrants' comment

In third place is a look at this week's PMQs. Corbyn was all set to make Google the big issue this week but a slip-up by David Cameron where he described refugees in Calais as "a bunch of migrants" overshadowed that. This piece suggested that the comment revealed something about the true character of the prime minister.

Two: Equality for trans people must not come at the expense of women's safety

After the findings of a report by the women and equalities select committee caused a row between some feminists and trans people, our next piece suggested that equality for trans people must not come at the expense of women's rights.

One: Arrested, humiliated, detained: How Britain treats foreign students

In the top spot this week was a shocking story about an American academic who was arrested and thrown into a detention centre after the Home Office failed to inform him that his application for leave to remain had been rejected. Just over 24 hours after this piece was published the Home Office announced the release of Dr Paul Hamilton.