Pick of the week: Cannabis, Corbyn and court charges

A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read stories of the week.

Five:  Cameron's vow of silence on Saudi human rights abuses must end

In fifth place this week is a piece which looked at the UK's relationship with Saudi Arabia. The head of policy and government affairs for Amnesty International said that Cameron has serious questions to answer over our championing of Saudi Arabia for the UN Human Rights Council.

Four: Grayling's court charge forces magistrates to punish the poor – it's time for reform

Next we have a piece which highlighted some disturbing cases involving the criminal court charge. The Howard League for Penal Reform said the the controversial charge punishes the poor and called for major reform. The next day there were reports suggesting that the Ministry of Justice could scrap the charge.

Three: The government's immigration bill could destroy race relations in the UK

In third place is an article written for Politics.co.uk by the policy officer for Liberty. She suggested the government's immigration bill will create a hostile environment not only for those who are undocumented but to anyone with a foreign sounding name.

Two: PMQs verdict: Corbyn is slowly learning how to defeat Cameron

Next is our analysis of this week's PMQs. There was no knock-out blow by Corbyn but there was definitely an improvement from his first attempt. With a bit more practice could he prove dangerous to Cameron at these weekly encounters?

One:  Today's cannabis debate shows how irrational Westminster has become

In top place is a piece which looked at this week's cannabis debate. Despite over 200,000 people signing a petition calling for a debate, before it had even taken place the government had put out a statement ruling out any change in policy. This article suggested politicians are too afraid of a tabloid backlash to act on the evidence available to them.