PMQs as-it-happened

12.37 – PMQs finally finishes seven minutes late. Not a stellar session today. Miliband no doubt wanted to take a statesmanlike approach to an important issue like Iraq, but it didn't make for riveting viewing. Some people will find today's approach refreshing, but I doubt the exchange between the two will be remembered. The main impression from the exchange was of two men talking about events they have little influence over and even less intention of getting involved in.

12.36 – Victorious new Tory MP Robert Jenrick (known affectionally by journalists as Robert Generic) stands up to ask about flood defences in his area. Cameron says he's looking into it.

12.34 – Interminably long question about Juncker from Tory Eurosceptic Bill Cash. Cameron looks close to taking a nap during it.

12.32 – Cameron now talking about pigs semen. Doesn't quite get the laughs he might have expected.

12.30 – Michael Fabricant is also keen to ask about Cameron's long term economic plan. Almost as keen as Cameron is to be asked about it.

12.27 – Priti Patel asks Cameron to praise Essex and his own magnificent role in improving it. Staggeringly he agrees.

12.25  – Cameron asked how his campaign to stop Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming president of the European Commission is going. Cameron gets very shouty, slightly red and almost loses his voice at one point. So not that well then.

12.20 – Does the prime minister agreee that his long term economic plan has made everything absolutely perfect in my constituency asks Conservative glove-puppet Rehman Chishti. Someone else will ask it again next week.

12:19 – Cameron asked to talk about female equality and football. Not two subjects he is ordinarily associated with.

12.18 – It's just gone past 12 O'clock on a Wednesday, so as ever, David Cameron is talking about Labour's management of the NHS in Wales. He never grows tired of this.

12:16 – Labour MPs pick up where Ed Miliband didn't leave off by attacking the government for attempted hospital closures in London. MPs seem much more comfortable with this approach.

12.13 – Snap Verdict: This is normally the point where I score Miliband and Cameron and tell you who I think won the contest between the two. There was no actual disagreement between them today so I guess it's a no-score draw.

12.10 – Miliband ends with another call on Cameron to agree with him. A very strange session so far. Not a single crossed word between the two. MPs sit very quietly listening and appear not to know how to respond.

12.09  – Miliband still on Iraq and asks about refugees form the conflict. Cameron says the UK have given direct help to Jordan in terms of aid.

12.07 – Miliband says other countries in the region have responsibility not to fuel the conflict. A possible hint towards UK's relationship with Saudi Arabia there. Cameron says it's very important to be "consistent" with other countries in the region.

12.06 – Miliband moveson to Iran. He welcomes moves for talks with Iran and asks what else is being done. A consensual approach from the Labour leader so far. Cameron thanks him for it.

12.05 – Miliband asks for reassurances that the crisis won't lead to extremist fighters traveling to Iraq and then returning to the UK and launching terrorist attacks here. Cameron says he is "doing everything he can" to make us safe.

12.03 – Miliband's first question on Iraq. Asks for an update from Cameron on events in the country and Irawi government. Cameron blames poor governance in Iraq for the crisis. Miliband agrees.

12.01 – And we're off.  First two questions from MPs are on passports and then Iraq as predicted.

11.55 – There are several possible topics for Ed Miliband to lead on today. The continuing chaos in Iraq is an obvious one to choose and one on which Miliband has sought to distance himself from the previous Labour government on before. The passport backlog is another obvious one for him to go on following the appearance of Paul Pugh in front of the Home Affairs committee yesterday. Whatever he asks, Cameron is likely to answer about falling inflation and the recovering economy.

11.50 – David Cameron returns to the Commons today for his latest grilling from MPs. All the pressure will be on Ed Miliband today after his humiliating apology for endorsing The Sun last week. The Labour leader's troubles have been worsened by new polling which shows the public's satisfaction with him is at all time lows. The latest poll for ICM and the Guardian found that even Nick Clegg is now seen as doing a better job than Miliband. With Labour's lead too close for comfort, Miliband needs a decent performance today. He'll be hoping to replicate his strong performance from last week.