Top ten political gaffes of 2013: 5 – George ‘Munchies’ Osborne

The chancellor regards Twitter as a vehicle to demonstrate he is human rather than a cutting merciless cyborg Treasury monster.

So a late-night picture of him chomping on a burger should have been just the trick. What could be more endearing than this?



The problem, it emerged, was that the burger in question was not a Maccie Ds, or even a Burger King. It was a Byron Burger which cost an eye-watering £9.75. Twitter judged this to be evidence that the chancellor is himself 'posh', and certainly not a man of the people.

"I was working late on a speech and I had a hamburger and the world is now talking about it," he moaned the following morning. When communities secretary Eric Pickles responded with a picture of himself eating a salad, Osborne would have surely realised the joke was on him.



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