Top ten political gaffes of 2013: 2 – A Lib Dem ‘press officer’

The Liberal Democrats had just shaken up their press office team when a monstrous howler of an error took place.

Not much was actually happening at the party's autumn conference in Glasgow, so it came as quite a surprise to the journalists gathered in the city to find the Lib Dems' secret 'lines to take' document emailed around.

Rather than being a bold attempt to make interviews with the press even more predictable, this was a real error.



It revealed the extent of their post-2015 plans, and exactly how much they want to bash the middle classes, and even who their real enemies in the Conservative party are.

More than that, it also showed them to be incompetent. Which, for a party trying to demonstrate it can now govern effectively, was more than a little embarrassing.

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