WATCH: Manu Tuilagi gives David Cameron bunny ears

David Cameron is the most powerful man in the country – but that didn't stop England and British Lions rugby star Manu Tuilagi playing the classic 'bunny ears' prank on the steps of Downing Street yesterday.

The prime minister was snapped with two of Tuilagi's digits sprouting from the back of his head, in a move sparking instant controversy on Twitter.



The tomfoolery has prompted many to begin questioning whether or not Tuilagi's chances of a future knighthood might be imperilled.

The Leicester centre has a reputation for high spirits, however – having infamously leapt off an Auckland harbour ferry after England's exit from the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

As practical jokes go, this is about as juvenile as they come. But that didn't stop mass delight at the unexpected move on Twitter.



Not everyone was completely impressed, however – including former England and British Lions hooker Brian Moore.



Tuilagi – who at 22 is barely out of the 'youthful high spirits' category – moved quickly to apologise.



But that prompted yet another wave of attention to the story on Twitter, with widespread dismay at the quick climbdown.



The prime minister himself was fully focused on the official version of the picture – one in which Tuilagi was behaving himself…