The worst MPs on Twitter: Nine – Vernon Coaker

Nine: Vernon Coaker



Entertaining 3
Informative 5
Engaging with constituents 4
Regularity 2

Bland to the point of despair. There is no politics to be found here at all, just a relentless series of posts about where he is. It's as if someone had merged Google Alerts and Google Maps. "Fabulous q & a with pupils at Ernehale Junior School. Good questions & one girl wants to be MP. Sure she will," he writes, idiotically. Elsewhere, he loses all grasp of legibility. For instance: "Ernehale Junior School grt campaign for missing 1.7 million teachers part Send my Friend to School. Letter for No10". What is this tweet trying to communicate? It's impossible to tell. The only interest to be found here is in watching him grasp for the ability to express coherent thoughts.

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