The worst MPs on Twitter: Four – Mark Pawsey

Four: Mark Pawsey



Entertaining 1
Informative 3
Engaging with constituents 2
Regularity 2

Full stops do not exist for Mark Pawsey. After all, why use full stops when you can use an exclamation mark? Like the diary entry of a pre-pubescent girl, Pawsey adds this mark of excitement to the majority of his tweets. "Enjoyed the opening of The Hub, Community Cafe in High St this morning – great place for a coffee!" he writes. "I recently had the tough job of judging the garden comp @ Cawston Primary summer fayre!" Quite what he is so excited about is unclear. Elsewhere the account is full of typical Twitter crimes: the writing skills of a lower primate, the personal charm of a cheap wheelbarrow, the sense of humour of a piece of coral. This could well be the most exasperating collection of writings since the invention of opposable thumbs. There is one small moment of mirth when he tweets: "Tough test of commitment as constituency MP today with 2 events during Lions test match in Oz – can I keep my phone on?" This flippant and unremarkable aside is the most interesting thing he has tweeted in months.

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