The worst MPs on Twitter: Five – Stuart Andrew

Five: Stuart Andrew



Entertaining 2
Informative 2
Engaging with constituents 2
Regularity 3

Stuart Andrew regularly writes the worst sentence in the world. That sentence is: "I posted a new photo to Facebook" followed by a link. Imagine someone so confident they think merely stating they've posted a photo would make you want to check it. There's no description of the photo, no explanation for why someone might want to look at it. Just the statement, naked, revealing only the over-confidence of its creator. Why is he telling Twitter about what he is doing on Facebook anyway? If he wants to post a photo on Twitter perhaps he should write: 'I have posted a new photo on Twitter' and then attach it. That would be just as pointless, but it would at least make a kind of basic electronic sense.  It's useful to compare this with a tweet in which Andrew nearly lost his life in a car accident. "Scary journey down to Westminster today when opposite carriageway lorry lost its wheel and crashed into me head on," he wrote. Remarkable isn't it? He even makes near-death experiences boring.

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