The best MPs on Twitter: Three – Julian Huppert

Three: Julian Huppert



Entertaining 4
Informative 9
Engaging with constituents 5
Regularity 5

Unlike most of his competitors for the top spot, Huppert is neither funny nor particularly personal. You'll notice that he scores just four points for being entertaining. It's quite rare for someone to get this high in our list without high scores across the board, but Huppert makes up for it by scoring a near clean sweep in all the other categories. He is to be seriously commended for being so open and engaged. As opposed to most MPs on Twitter, who rarely, if ever, bother debating with their followers, Huppert is extremely communicative. He is apparently open for discussion with anyone who tweets him and is constantly engaging with his followers. This informal approach cuts down barriers between MP and constituents. And Huppert offers detailed, substantive tweets on the key issues he follows, which branch out from the mainstream agenda to include topics like surveillance, drugs reform and immigration. His regular updates mean he is a constant presence online. A serious account for serious politics, with a refreshingly open and engaged attitude.

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