The best MPs on Twitter: Six – Douglas Carswell

Six: Douglas Carswell



Entertaining 7
Informative 7
Engaging with constituents 3
Regularity 4

Carswell was picked as our 'most liberated MP' this spring and he brings the same qualities to Twitter which saw him top that list. The fiercely independent Tory backbencher is a breath of fresh air online. He is resolutely unpartisan, eschewing the Punch-and-Judy of Westminster for an informed and principled approach to politics. The Clacton MP will readily criticise his own party leadership and adopts decidedly unpopular positions among his colleagues, not least of all in his vocal praise for Speaker John Bercow. His long campaign against the EU is now as mainstream as it ever has been, making him a figurehead for many disgruntled eurosceptics. His reputation as a man who speaks his mind and represents his constituents gives his political utterances considerable weight. "Something changed in politics this week," he wrote recently. "It's now clear Ed Miliband and co can be beat. Not Tory spin, they really are divided, leaderless". If it was any other government MP, you'd ignore it. Because it's him, you don't.

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