The best MPs on Twitter: Joint fourth – David Lammy

Joint fourth: David Lammy



Entertaining 7
Informative 7
Engaging with constituents 4
Regularity 4

Lammy was a known quantity before the 2011 riots, but he emerged from them as a respected political thinker, with mature views on the role of fathers in deprived and immigrant communities which clashed significantly with parts of the left. His Twitter stream bears out this quality. You get good, old-fashioned politics here, with relatively complex ideas readily expressed in a transitory medium. For all that, Lammy is not fusty. He shows his fuzzier side with regular tweets about music, sport and theatre."Listening to Stone Roses play "I wanna be adored" in Finsbury Park from my garden. I'm back in the early 90's.God I love London," he wrote recently. The final bit of zest is provided by the London mayoral election, which you can see him angling for. This account is only going to get more important.

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