The week in Westminster: April 22nd to 26th

By Jo-Anna K. Burnett

It is all about legislation this week, as both houses debate, discuss, propose and vote on everything from visa restrictions on visitors from Brazil to the unlawfulness of caste discrimination.

After the House of Commons voted down amending the equality act to include caste discrimination on Tuesday, the House of Lords will hear the case again next week. They will either dismiss the issue or challenge the Lords by standing ground (lookout for our upcoming comment piece by Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society, on the vote), bringing the proposal back to the Commons.

Meanwhile, John Baron, MP for Basildon and Billericay, takes on the UK membership in the European Union bill, Lord McColl of Dulwich tackles human trafficking prevention and Lord Dubs sees about our air quality.

House of Commons

Monday 22 April 2013

Oral Questions – Education, including Topical Questions

Legislation – Public Service Pensions Bill – Consideration of Lords amendments

Legislation – Crime and Courts Bill [HL] – Consideration of Lords amendments

Legislation – Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Bill [HL] – Report stage

Legislation – Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Bill [HL] – Third reading

Motion – Section 5 of the European Communities (Amendment) Act 1993

Adjournment – Fixed odds betting terminals – Tom Greatrex

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Oral Questions – Foreign & Commonwealth Office, including Topical Questions

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (Amendment) – Sarah Teather

Debate – Opposition Day [Unallotted half day] – Northern Ireland

Adjournment – Effect of weather conditions on upland sheep farmers – Glyn Davies

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Oral Questions – Scotland

Prime Minister's Question Time

Ten Minute Rule Motion – Planning Permission (Financial Penalties) – Jeremy Lefroy

Debate – Opposition Day [Unallotted half day] – Agricultural Wages Board

Adjournment – Attracting girls to ICT careers – Chi Onwurah

Thursday 25 April 2013

Oral Questions – Transport, including Topical Questions; Leader of the House and House of Commons Commission

Business Statement – Leader of the House

Motion – To approve a Statutory Instrument relating to Banks and Banking

Motion – To approve a European Document relating to Railways

Adjournment – Human rights in Burma – Mr David Burrowes

Friday 26 April 2013

Business – The following bills have been named for consideration on this day although the House is not expected to sit. Standing Order No. 14 provides for 13 Fridays on which private Members' bills have precedence over government business. Unless the House decides otherwise, these are the only Fridays on which the House sits. MPs may, however, name any other day for consideration of private Members' bills.

Legislation – Regulation of Bailiffs Bill – Second reading – Mr Jim Cunningham

Legislation – NHS Audit Requirements (Foreign Nationals) Bill – Second reading – Henry Smith

Legislation – Relationship, Drug and Alcohol Education (Curriculum) Bill – Second reading – Diana Johnson

Legislation – Honours (Equality of Titles for Partners) Bill – Second reading – Oliver Colvile

Legislation – Winter Fuel Allowance Payments (Off Gas Grid Claimants) Bill – Second reading – Mr Mike Weir

Legislation – Planning Applications (Community Right of Appeal) Bill – Second reading – Chris Skidmore

Legislation – Building Regulations (External Retaining and Load-Bearing Walls) Bill – Second reading – Stephen Mosley

Legislation – Consolidation of Housing Regulations Bill – Second reading – Mr Adrian Sanders

Legislation – Regulation of the Private Rented Sector Bill – Second reading – Jeremy Corbyn

Legislation – Regulation of Signage and Ticketing Technology (Publicly-Available Car Parks) Bill – Second reading – Nick Smith

Legislation – Multinational Motor Manufacturing Companies (Duty of Care to Former Employees) Bill – Second reading – Geraint Davies

Legislation – Planning Act 2008 (Amendment) Bill – Second reading – Phil Wilson

Legislation – Supermarket Pricing Information Bill – Second reading – Mr John Denham

Legislation – Recall of Elected Representatives Bill – Second reading – Zac Goldsmith

Legislation – Voting Age (Reduction to 16) Bill Bill – Second reading – Stephen Williams

Legislation – Local Authority Devolution and Powers Bill – Second reading – John Pugh

Legislation – Landlord Accreditation Bill – Second reading – Caroline Lucas

Legislation – Micro Businesses and Energy Contract Roll-Over Bill – Second reading – Caroline Lucas

Legislation – Land Value Tax Bill – Second reading – Caroline Lucas

Legislation – United Kingdom Membership of the European Union (Referendum) Bill – Second reading – Mr John Baron

Legislation – Social Care (Local Sufficiency) and Identification of Carers Bill – Second reading (Day 2) – Barbara Keeley

Legislation – Science, Technology and Engineering (Careers Information in Schools) Bill – Second reading – Peter Luff

Legislation – European Communities Act 1972 (Repeal) Bill – Second reading (Day 2) – Mr Douglas Carswell

Legislation – Vehicle Fuel Receipts (Transparency of Taxation) Bill – Second reading – Robert Halfon

Legislation – International Development (Official Development Assistance Target) Bill – Second reading (Day 3) – Mark Hendrick

Legislation – Property Blight Compensation Bill – Second reading – Mrs Caroline Spelman

Legislation – Blood, Organ and Bone Marrow Donation (Education) Bill – Second reading – Seema Malhotra

Legislation – National Commonwealth Military Day Bill – Second reading – Graham Evans

Legislation – Parish and Town Council Precepts (Referendums) Bill – Second reading – Kris Hopkins

Legislation – Abortion Statistics Bill – Second reading – Fiona Bruce

Legislation – Co-operative Schools Bill – Second reading – Meg Munn

House of Lords

Monday 22 April 2013

Introduction(s) – Bishop of Truro

Oral Questions – Ascertaining a date for publication of the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war – Lord Dykes

The number of instances of Female Genital Mutilation carried out in the UK in the past 10 years – Baroness Cox

Installing extra corporal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines in NHS hospitals – Baroness Gardner of Parkes

Improving the competitiveness of UK industry – Lord Haskel

Legislation – Succession to the Crown Bill – Third reading – Lord Wallace of Tankerness

Legislation – Growth and Infrastructure Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments – Baroness Hanham

Legislation – Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments – Viscount Younger of Leckie

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Oral Questions – Release of prisoners serving indeterminate sentences for the protection of the public – Lord Lloyd of Berwick

Government's new policy on judicial review – Baroness Whitaker

Support given to British citizens and their families who are victims of serious violent crime abroad – Lord Kennedy of Southwark

Decision to suspend surgery at the Leeds General Infirmary Children’s Heart Unit – Baroness Eaton

Legislation – Public Service Pensions Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments – Lord Newby

Legislation – Defamation Bill – Consideration of Commons amendments – Lord McNally

Legislation – Crime and Courts Bill [HL] – Consideration of Commons amendments – Lord Taylor of Holbeach

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Oral Questions – UK Statistics Authority overruling Office for National Statistics' decision to keep the Retail Prices Index as an official national statistic – Lord Naseby

Action to improve air quality in London and other cities – Lord Dubs

UK incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis being higher than in other European countries – Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

Debate – Procedure of the House 5th Report from the Select Committee (Private notice questions; tabling oral questions; repeal of Standing Orders; repetition of answers to House of Commons urgent questions) – Lord Sewel

Debate – Procedure of the House 6th Report from the Select Committee (Backbench Debates); Motion to resolve that this House establish, for the duration of the 2013–14 session of Parliament, a Backbench Debates Committee – Lord Sewel

Legislation – Marine Navigation (No. 2) Bill – Third reading – Baroness Wilcox

Orders and Regulations – National Health Service (Procurement, Patient Choice and Competition) (No. 2) Regulations 2013 – Motion to annul – Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

Thursday 25 April 2013

Oral Questions – Economic impact on UK tourism industry of new visa restrictions for visitors from Brazil – Lord Clement-Jones

Government efforts to ensure the EU adopts more ambitious climate change targets – Baroness Worthington

Government steps to ensure compliance with the EU directive on preventing trafficking in human beings – Lord McColl of Dulwich

Debate – Maastricht convergence criteria motion; European Union Semester – Lord Newby

Friday 26 April 2013

No business has been announced for this day.