Political week on Twitter: July 2nd – 6th

By Georgie Keate

Usually Westminster only has one boxing match a week, just before lunch on Wednesdays. This week was non-stop however. We started with Bob Diamond at the Treasury committee, which most MPs treated like darts for beginners, although some notables did their fair share of growling. This restraint completely unravelled in the Commons later, when the chancellor and his opposite number itched for their pistols while the rest of the Chamber cheered them on. And then like some badly timed metaphor, the Shard in all its penetrable glory, lit up London and gave some Lord of the Rings enthusiasts something to talk about…

Bob Diamond: the naughty banker

River Sider ‏@River_Sider For sale: pinstripe suit + old school tie. Combined they offer magical protection against prosecution. #bankingscandal

David Walliams ‏@davidwalliams I think Barclays boss Bob Diamond needs that £30m pay off as hair dye is not cheap.

The Bugle@hellobuglers Bob Diamond explains why so much escaped his notice at Barclays. "There was always a wasp in my office. It was impossible to concentrate."

Caitlin Moran@caitlinmoran Bob Diamond was a high-profile, wealthy maverick with a big secret. I'm going to call him "Liborace."

Bobby Diamond@bobdiamondbank Twiddling my fingers. What to do #unemployedbanker I know I'll jump in the jet and go to my villa Goodbye poor people. #banker#BobDiamond

Chris White@chriswhite66 I robbed a pensioner But others had robbed her before And the police had mentioned she lived alone #TheDiamondDefence#barclays #bobdiamond

The Commons debate over what inquiry to have did at least provide some entertainment

Dario Llinares @dariodoubleL Balls and Osborne should either have a fight or get a room. #c4news #loveorhate #toffvserf #

Chris Neale@onion2k I've just seen someone tweet "I demand a full public inquiry into#BankingScandal – RT if you do too" Democracy-by-retweet could be fun. 🙂

Lee Kynaston ‏@grooming_guru You know when you're a teenager and pretend to hate someone you really fancy? Well, this explains George Osborne's obsession with Ed Balls

Richard Coles@RevRichardColes Whenever Ed Balls adopts that wounded tone of outraged innocence I feel the need to hire personal security.

Sunny Hundal@sunny_hundal George Osborne is thinking: "for the love of god Bob, I thought we agreed you were going to blame Ed Balls for everything?" #diamond

Thick Clegg@ThickClegg Sometimes politics just confuses the crap out of me. How am I supposed to take someone seriously when their name is "Balls"?#edballs

Scarlet Monahan@scarletmonahan EXCLUSIVE NEWS – George Osborne in silky chest hair revelation #Thatcher #liar #news #disabled #tory #evil #cameron #libdems#clegg #osborne

And the elusive gamma ray is found in Europe's newly tallest building

Tom@EnglishTear London's newest building, The Shard, has opened. It looks like a very squashed Egyptian pyramid. Who will be buried within?#BobDiamond?

Realredlobster@realredlobster #ShardSongs Leases In The Sky For #bobdiamond … Please go and live at the top! And then step outside for some fresh air…

Kenneth Howells ‏@fideidefensor #ukpolitics #Osborne The Shard giving the finger to Londons homeless -remember Osbornes "We are all in it together" Yes George we believe U

Andy McH@AndyMcH Brilliant! RT @sonniesedge: All hail Sauron. #shard

Alex Wilson@adjwilson Frankly, I could've seen a better laser show if I smashed up a Sainsbury's self-service check-out. #shard

Jamie McHale@Jamie_McHale 6 men with laser pens currently putting on a very impressive show at the #shard.

James Harrison@jamesharrison "Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle skyscraper…" #shard #lasers

Philip C James@PhilipCJames Those unimpressed by the laser show at opening of the #Shard didn't get the hint: "We can see/target all of Central London; do as commanded"

Tom madden ‏@maddentom the #shard opening biggest disappointment since the greggs 'sausage' roll

George Walkley@walkley Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted they've finished building Isengard – I just want to know when the Ents are coming to attack #theshard

Alex Andreou@sturdyAlex The Shard launched to the accompaniment of Copland's "Fanfare for The Common Man". Irony-gauge broken.