Next Week in Politics: July 9th – 13th



Questions – Home Office
Legislation – House of Lords reform bill
Adjournment – Theft of the Wenlock Jug

Questions – Deputy prime minister; attorney general
Ten minute rule motion – Local services
Legislation – House of Lords reform bill, second reading
Adjournment – Modernisation of credit unions

Questions – International development
Prime minister's questions
Ten minute rule motion – UK borders
Backbench business – Sitting hours of the House of Commons; VAT on air ambulance fuel payments
Private business – The chairman of the ways and means is expected name opposed private business for consideration
Adjournment – Health effects of high energy caffeine drinks

Questions – Energy and climate change
Business Statement – Leader of the House
Motion – Reform of the court of justice of the EU
Motion – European document relating to the EU draft budget
Motion – European document relating to EU human rights strategy
Adjournment – Arms trade treaty negotiations at the UN

Legislation – Scrap metal dealers bill, second reading
Legislation – Prevention of social housing fraud bill, second reading
Legislation – International development bill, second reading
Adjournment – Green belt in Broxtowe


Questions – Impact of restrictions on leafleting under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005; future of passport personal interview offices; plans for a full fiscal, monetary and banking union of the eurozone; compliance with European Council directive 2010/64/EU on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings
Legislation – Justice and security bill
Short Debate – Long-term strategy for the arts and cultural sector

Questions – Diabetes in England and Wales; 150th anniversary of the Club and Institute Union; number of mothers imprisoned with their infants in England and Wales; the successor to the current governor of the Bank of England
Legislation- Financial services bill
Short debate – Role of the drinks industry in helping to prevent alcohol misuse and anti-social behaviour

Questions – Implementation of the recommendations from the farming regulation task force report; harmonising British time with that of the UK's main European trading partners; health of carers
Legislation – Justice and security bill
Debate – The economic viability, value for money and benefit-cost ratio of the high speed 2 London to Birmingham and London to Leeds and Manchester lines

Introduction – Lord Trees
Questions – Developing separate drug treatment programmes for addiction and withdrawal from legally prescribed drugs, distinct from programmes for illegal drug addiction; copyright exemption for schools; reducing unemployment in Wales
Debate – Implications relating to the parliamentary boundary commission's current proposals
Debate – Problems faced by families in the rented housing sector
Short debate – Coastal access in England

Debate – Recent developments in the Middle East.


16.00 – Women on boards. Neil Carberry, Director for Employment and Skills, Confederation of British Industry; Sir Michael Rake, Chair, BT Group plc; Simon Walker, Director-General, Institute of Directors; and (at 5.00pm) Lesley Brook, Director, Brook Graham; Will Dawkins, Head of Board Services, Spencer Stuart; Kate Grussing, Founder and Managing Director, Sapphire Partners; Michael Reyner, Partner, MWM Consulting.

10.30 – Economic and financial affairs, the euro area crisis follow-up session. Dr. Richard Corbett, member of the Cabinet of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council.

11.00 – Home Affairs, health and education, the EU's approach to global migration and mobility. Mats Persson and Stephen Booth, Open Europe.