Political week on Twitter: June 25th – 29th

All the weeks best tweets in one handy location.

By Georgie Keate

Chloe Smith was chewed up and spat out by Paxman who had one of the easiest kills of his career, the 'Diamond Geezer' is set for a fall as his allies drop away from him one by one and one-time counter-culture hero Julian Assange remained cowering behind embassy gates.

Chloe Smith at least has served her country by cheering everyone up with a good laugh.

Kevin Maguire ‏@Kevin_Maguire Intercepted radio message from Labour HQ: "Agent Dorries come in, Over. Operation Stuff Chloe Smith total success, Over. Return to Base."

Mark Thomas ‏@markthomasinfo Turns out Chloe Smith has to work at the Treasury or lose her benefit and spent last night sleeping under a bridge.

The DM Reporter ‏@DMReporter POLITICS: Chloe Smith unavailable for comment as "she is sitting in for George Osborne at the dentist today, then visiting his mother."

David Hardwick @Ruralrider69 Miami-based christian cult Tattoo 666 believe the world will end 30/6/12.#ChloeSmith has been asked to make the announcement.

Sunnie Dae @Sunniedae5 #Osbourne keeps sending his flunky's in to cover his ass. First #ChloeSmith, now#Justine Greening..can you see the pattern? #bbcqt

David Nicholas @davejnick @jomccarron Finally seen it! #chloesmith #COMEDYGENIUS

kaylouise @kaybaysally RT @MartinShovel: I like junior ministers, but I couldn't eat a whole one! #Paxman#ChloeSmith

There was only one Bob Diamond supporter in the entire Twittersphere (he was lynched shortly after). This is what everyone else had to say.

Giles Dilnot ‏@reporterboy If Bob Diamond is asked to come onto Newsnight, is it ok if he sends the branch manager from Slough ? #justasking

Elizabeth Windsor ‏@Queen_UK Having Bob Diamond downgraded to Bob Quartz.

Wiley Politics @WBPolitics Can the EU learn from China to enhance commerical banks corporate social responsibilites? bit.ly/OHf6aO #Barclays#BobDiamond

Neil @makiwa RT @cosmiclandmine: #BarclaysBank#BobDiamond It turns out the bangsters are er …. banksters. Blimey! Who’d have thunk it?

It seems that Assange might have to seek asylum from Twitter trolling if he carries this on.

Esther Addley ‏@estheraddley #Wikileaks have launched a music CD, tracks include 'The Ballad of Julian #Assange' and 'Datacrime 2011 (WikiMix)'

Tim Maughan ‏@timmaughan I take it "The Ballard of #Assange and #Manning" is a tragic tale of egomaniacs and fatal betrayal? @wikileaks

David Allen Green ‏@DavidAllenGreen So #Assange is going to spend rest of life in a room in a small flat. Just as well he has avoided prison then.

Guy Walters ‏@guywalters Love the fact that the Ecuadorian Embassy homepage has an advert 'Looking for A Visa?'. Perhaps #Assange saw it.

Sadie Smith ‏@smithsky1979 #Assange fanboys or Beliebers. Which are the most vacuous?

Quellcrist Falconer ‏@the_Quellist_ @AsherahResearch @krypt3ia #ASSange is doing cover versions: (George Micheal) Faith, Road to Nowhere, Your So Vain, Wishing Well. #Wack