Profile: Lawrence Webb

Lawrence Webb is your standard Ukip candidate. He is passionately opposed to immigration. He wants to open smoking rooms in pubs. He suggests slashing VAT on beer and cider. What powers does a London mayor have to do these things? Precisely none. But he's going to try anyway.

The former Ukip chairman started his party political career at the turn of the millennium, when he joined the party. In 2004 he became assistant to Gerard Batten, Ukip's London MEP. Before that, Webb enjoyed a chequered and colourful career in Australian and New Zealand. He also ran a nightclub in Tokyo, worked as an electrician and spent a few years in the Territorial Army.

His main policy concerns centre on protecting the City from EU regulations, a mission he states several times in interviews. He also highlights law and order, immigration, and restricting the creation of a low emission zone.

Only a few of these issues are subject to mayoral power, but the Ukip candidate insists he can influence the government position using the high profile role status of the post.

Webb is engaged in a scramble for fourth place among the smaller parties, but with the coalition in trouble and Ukip performing strongly overall, it is conceivable he could reach third – which would be considered a major victory for the eurosceptic party.