Eagle: This would be a repeat of the mistakes of rail privatisation

Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle says the government's proposed part-privatisation of roads would be another case of privatisation ripping off commuters:

"Instead of easing the burden on drivers and boosting our stalled economy through a temporary cut in VAT, ministers look set to let private companies take over the strategic road network and charge drivers for access.

"Ministers seem to be intent on repeating the mistakes of rail privatisation, which was supposed to lead to cheaper fares and lower costs but has instead given powerful vested interests the chance to rip off passengers while increasing the cost to the taxpayer.

"These proposals risk simply driving traffic onto local roads, increasing congestion and emissions while yet again setting back efforts to improve safety.

"Motorists now seem set to be in the firing line for the next phase of the Tories' ideologically driven rip off culture."