PM’s statement on Japanese disaster anniversary in full

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"A year ago we were all stunned to silence by the colossal devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

"In the face of such tragedy, the Japanese people showed tremendous resilience as they came to terms with losing thousands of their countrymen, and witnessing entire communities being wiped out.

"Twelve months on and the Japanese people continue to sustain that courage and determination as they rebuild their communities, their homes and their lives. And I greatly admire and respect the way they have overcome the enormous challenges of recovery.

"We stood by Japan in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake and we will continue to stand by the Japanese people and Government as they continue to reconstruct the Tohoku region.

"Our relationship is founded on much more than just co-operation in the face of adversity. I hope we can continue to build on our strong commercial partnership, and our shared commitment to democracy, human rights, aid and trade."