LGA: Councils will help improve lives of troubled families

Local Government Association chairman Sir Merrick Cockell comments on David Cameron's bid to intervene in the lives of the UK's 120,000 most troubled families:

"Improving lives for families and residents is at the heart of what councils do and closer working between public sector agencies like job centres, schools, police, probation officers and social services locally will get better results and cost less.

"It is great news that the money announced today will go to local areas to build on much excellent work already underway.

"We must ensure this support gets to where it is most needed and is not tied up in endless bureaucracy and form filling.

"We are pleased government has recognised the need for all departments to work much more closely with councils at a local level.

"This is vital to help us overcome historic hurdles which have stood in the way of the huge savings and greater local accountability this coordinated approach can deliver."