The political week on Twitter

All the week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Zac Goldsmith provides a controversial answer when asked by a Commons committee whether bad press behaviour is justified because it makes newspapers economically viable:

@edstaite – Great line from Zac Goldsmith "No one said Auschwitz should be kept open because it created jobs". That should guarantee coverage.

@jameschappers (Mail political editor) – having visited Auschwitz last month, I find comparison with between death camps and errant newspapers by @ZacGoldsmith deeply inappropriate

@alexandervail – Politicians of all stripes really should know to avoid Auschwitz comparisons. They can never play well. Ever.

Some assorted tweets – the last one related to a certain Charlie Brooker drama, Black Mirror:

@The_IstanBull – I'm proud to say I live in a country where @AsdaCurrySauce has more followers than the @bnp

@PaulFlynnMP – Still no sign of Tories blaming themselves. All problems the fault of last lot, the EU, Civil Servants, Royal nuptials, Sun spots, Ley lines

@samjustsayyeah – Dear @ed_miliband On Wednesday's PMQs can you ask Cameron if he'd shag a pig to save Kate Middleton's life? Ta

All David Cameron really wants for Christmas is a Spooks reunion:

@jadewhite1 – David Cameron wants a television set for his bedroom for Christmas-with a special edition of BBC spy drama Spooks his ideal festive viewing.

@sarah_hilary – If the BBC hadn't already cancelled #Spooks then David Cameron saying he loved the show would surely have killed it off

@RosMyersGhost – David Cameron would like a #spooks reunion episode at xmas. Well you're the frigging prime minister, order it to happen #davidcameron

@DHPLover – If Cameron's walking away from the EU Treaty results in closer ties with Russia, I foresee problems #Spooks

It's the Brussels summit at the end of this week which has dominated politics. The PM faced huge pressure from eurosceptics at PMQs on Wednesday…

@Kevin_Maguire – The tetchier Cameron was at #PMQs the clearer it became he'll be an observer at Thu-Fri's EU summit, a neutered Euroseptic

@TimMontgomerie – Clever #PMQs from Miliband. Cameron vowed to repatriate powers 6 weeks ago when he faced a rebellion. Now he won't even mention the r word.

… but had won the respect of his party's MPs by Friday after vetoing proposals for an EU-wide treaty:

@BrandonLewis – A strong stance from David Cameron, a difficult time for Europe but the right decision for the UK

@LouiseMensch – The PM was absolutely right to refuse to allow the EU to gut Britain's financial services industry. Showing strong leadership

@le_mcevoy – Wow, wake up to read that Cameron's actually acted in the national interest for once. Impressive.

@toadmeister – I'm still reeling from the news that six nation states want to join the Eurozone and surrender their sovereignty over fiscal policy

Tweeters are now pondering what's next as the EU saga continues:

@IainDale – The real choice facing Britain now is this. We join the euro and immerse ourselves fully. Or we get out. There is no half way house now.

@ShippersUnbound – The big picture is that 26 nations have surrendered control of their economies. There is massively undemocratic. Actions have consequences

@tombradby – Potentially massive implications for domestic politics. Does Cameron abandon coalition and call election around issue of in/out referendum?