Political Week in Twitter

By Ruth McKee

What a week it was in politics… nothing excites the twitteratti like the chance for a good barney over a political hot potato like Europe:

@susanaberruecos – Tory addiction to Europe myth could cost them 2015.Voters don't care for the #referendum, it's the economy that matters bit.ly/tdRnGq

@rantingkat – If these Eurosceptics claimed the AV referendum was a waste of money, why are they now asking for TWO on the issue of #Europe?

Tweeps managed to see the lighter side of the issue:

@MatthewLumby – Tory rebels, Europe, votes, blah blah blah. It's 1993 all over again. If only we could have Knots Landing back on TV. #referendum

@David_CameronPM – People forget that croissant supplies would dry up OVERNIGHT if we left the #EU. Still want a referendum now?

The Tory rebellion on the EU provoked shock in some quarters of the twittersphere – but the resignation of PPS Adam Holloway kept the issue alive for quite some time, with some Twitter-wits managing to poke fun at the furore over the rebellion:

@MrHarryCole – "I wasn't even allowed to make the tea, I poured water sometimes" – Adam Holloway

@politicalhackuk: Reckon Adam Holloway is awake, reaching for the paracetamol and saying 'I didn't do anything stupid last night, did I?'

The Tory rebellion made things a little awkward for the PM in PMQs, but luckily the whips had regained their control and the backbenches were in faithful servitude once more:

@cpoffers: Tory backbencher: "I would like to ask the PM, just HOW awesome is he?" PM: "So awesome." #PMQs

The 50th birthday edition of PMQs may have been a little flat – but at least the tweets were flying thick and fast:

@nedsimons – Why frame the debate as 'gays and hedgehogs are more protected than Christians'. Just makes you look homo-(and hedgehog)-phobic #PMQs

@BorisWatch – *muse* I reckon if Miliband shouted 'FUCK THIS FOR A LAUGH' and marched out of #pmqs with his party behind him he'd go up 20% in the polls

@LivEchonews – David Cameron set to make apology over #Hillsborough families comment after @lucianaberger question during #PMQs: http://t.co/ahKOlcLv

@deaniew – Just realized I hadn't watched today's #PMQs! "At least I don't have to do it in French!" Mais vous parlez trés bien le français!

@raymondonia – David #Cameron learnt economics from Maggy Thatcher Hence economical with the truth #PMQs

@SallyHussain_- Nick clegg is wearing a blue tie – it's finally happened

@MichaelWhite – #PMQs PS why did MPs laugh when Ed Mil rose to tackle Cam. Apparently because Tory MPs inc women were singing the Marseilles

And of course, it just wouldn't be a political week in Twitter now without some highlights from viewers of BBCQT. This week Ukip's Nigel Farage replaced Jacob Rees Mogg as the twitterati's eccentric of choice:

@cisite – Say what you want about Nigel Farage, but he's one snappy dresser #bbcqt

@ianbaxter_green – Nigel Farage has a face that even a pacifist would want to slap #bbcqt

@RogerQuimbly: – What would Jesus do? Tell Nigel Farage to f*** off. #bbcqt

@ Konnolsky – Nigel Farage: I have never been given a chance to vote to be part of this planet and that is a disgrace #BBCQT

@cordial_devil – It's nearly Halloween and Nigel Farage turns up on BBC Question Time. Coincidence? #bbcqt

@DrTomFlynn: Can we have a referendum on Nigel Farage? #BBCQT

@petercbowden – I want all complex things distilled into a binary question and put to
referendum. Tax – 100% or 0? Sex – illegal or mandatory? #bbcqt

@robitito: Unintended funniest moment on #BBCQT last night was Julian Fellowes saying 'I'm as eurosceptic as the next man' while sitting next to Farage

@Konnolsky – I see Nigel Farage is on #BBCQT And IDS. And Julian Fellowes. Typical of leftist #BBC

@LadyChappers – I really wish that Malcolm Tucker was real and that I could watch his debrief with Gloria de Piero #bbcqt

@mrsnickyclark – aww Dimbledore saying spectacles. He'll drive home in his motor car later. #bbcqt

And our Tweet of the Week has to go to @Dorianlynskey for this insightful critique of Nigel Farage:

@Dorianlynskey – Farage looks like he should be seducing wealthy widows in a marina with the aid of a fabricated military record. #bbcqt