Hague: We need to ensure peace in Libya

Foreign secretary William Hague responds to the death of the ex-Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi:

"We will want to be sure that there are no remaining pockets of pro Gaddafi fighters who can again become a threat to the civilian population.

"I just sound a note of caution because we will want to be sure that the, the situation really now is dramatically more peaceful than it’s been.

"It is a day to remember all his many victims in Libya and outside Libya and to salute the bravery of the Libyans who’ve taken part in this revolution that has overthrown such a long running tyrannical regime. The important thing is to look forward now.

"This of course brings much closer the moment when the Libyans can declare the liberation of their country, form a transitional government, set the clock ticking of eight months towards the elections that they are planning to hold and really set their country on a path again to, to freedom, to democracy and to much better relations with their neighbours and other countries in the world than they’ve had for a long time. So I think it is a, a day we should be optimistic about the future."