Labour response to Fox resignation in full

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Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s shadow defence secretary, comments on Liam Fox’s resignation:

“This was unavoidable and inevitable. Throughout these events I haven’t called for Liam Fox’s resignation but just the full truth.

“Governments must have rules and Ministers must have standards, Liam Fox fell foul of the standards and he broke the rules. It was clear early-on that he had breached the Ministerial Code.

“This issue has centred solely on his judgement and his conduct in one of the most serious jobs in the country. With so much at stake for our forces the Defence Secretary must be focused solely on his public duties.

“The Government has shown how out of touch it is by spending the whole of the last week worrying about how to save Liam Fox’s job. That time should have been better spent trying to save the jobs of tens of thousands of hardworking people.”