The political week on Twitter

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

The Conservative party conference really ignited the twitter-sphere when 'cat-gate' erupted between Teresa May and John Prescott, sparking endless twi-puns.

@campaigner – Leprechauns *stole* all that gold they keep at the end of the rainbow #otherthingsMaybelieves #catgate

@dminghella – @EvanHD You may mock, but after years of claiming benefits and failing to integrate, those cats will turn feral. And then what?

@demsoc – Coming over here, taking our mice…

@krishgm – leopard print shoes, kitten heels now cat-gate…….something going on with the Home Secretary and cats and Tory conferences

@paddy_casey How many lives does Theresa May have left? #catgate

@rcolvile – @MirrorJames @jameskirkup Might this be May's Claws Four moment?

@Butsurelynot – #cpc11 #catgate Theresa May's "immigrant" cat and John Hemming's girlfriends kitten in arranged marriage. (says Tory press release)

The prime minister's key-note speech to conference also inspired the twittersphere to new heights of hilarity

@the_odonnell – What I've learned from the #cpc11 is that immigrant cats and kids inhaling highlighter pens are the biggest threat to Britain today

@mboyle1888 – Mog the cat set to release statement distancing herself from Tories #cpc11

@mrdalesmith – So we won't join the Euro? Aw! It was looking like such a good idea at the moment! #cpc11

@thelarrydiaries – he slates Labour for spending, but DC's always drinking the most expensive bottles from the government wine cellar after hours #cpc11

@hairtame – And white men can't jump #cpc11

…while more serious commentators noted:

@Gdnpolitics – #cameron #cpc11 #con11 Mocks EU directive on whether diabetics shd be allowed to drive.More of what Simon Hoggart calls govt by urban legend

@Gdnpolitics – #cameron #cpc11 #con11 These half-truths remind me of the old Cameron who used to talk about people having to wear goggles to play conkers

@Gdnpolitics – #cameron #cpc11 #con11 Cameron's throat problems mean his delivery is very flat – somehow fitting at this uninspiring conference

By Friday, Labour was clawing back attention in the twittershpere with a Cabinet reshuffle sending twitter into a tailspin

Tom Watson announced to his twitter followers that he will stay put at the DCMS select committee, even though he will also now sit in the shadow Cabinet:

@Tom_Watson – To be clear: I don't hold a front bench policy brief so remain on DCMS select committee. The Tories can say all they like. I'm not budging.

Minutes earlier new shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna tweeted:

@ChukaUmunna – For me the move to Shadow BIS Sec is less about me and more about how we get growth back and build a new better economy for all.

But Conservative MP Margot James is sad to see Hilary Benn go from his current position:

@margotjamesmp – Very disappointed to hear it will be the end of the excellent weekly contest of Sir George Young vs Hillary Benn

And finally, the Guardian’s Patrick Wintour puts the reshuffle in perspective:

@patrickwintour – Gravity with which shad cab reshuffle is treated close to comical. Matters to individuals -reeves in, denham quits etc – but out there…