The political week on Twitter

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

Former prime minister Tony Blair faced embarrassment when it was revealed he is godfather to Rupert Murdoch's daughter:

@ranty_man – Murdoch is selling Wapping? Tony Blair must have just invoiced his appearance fee for the Christening

@sarfrazmanzoor – Did Tony Blair promise Gordon Brown he'd eventually step down as godfather to Murdoch's kids and let Brown take over? #TheGodfatherPart2

@journodave – Tony Blair narrowly beat out 'Satan' as godfather of Murdoch's child.

@_Nick_Lawrence – Awww. That's just soooo sweet… >>> – Tony Blair 'godfather to Rupert Murdoch's daughter'

@pperrin – Diane Abbott says she's more concerned that Blair was godfather to Murdoch's children than his links with Gaddafi << Typical, parochial MP

Brian Paddick launched his second Liberal Democrat London mayoral bid:

@brianpaddick – Thanks to all those who voted for me. I won't let you down as the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London.

@rachaelveronica – Brian Paddick kicks off his mayoral campaign today by admitting that although he will struggle, he does smile occasionally. Brilliant start!

@JamesTapsfield – Brian paddick launches mayoral bid by saying his policies currently amount to a "blank sheet of paper"

@OliverCooper – The Lib Dems have chosen Brian Paddick as their mayoral candidate. So it's now Boris Johnson vs the two losers from 2008. Inspired choices.

The phone-hacking scandal rumbled on with fresh investigation by the culture, media and sport committee:

@iancollinsuk – According to ChrisBryantMP parliament has been told 53 lies on phone hacking. Only 53?

@robinbogg – BREAKING: News International stooges say they cannot always remember whether they have selective memory or not #hackgate

@Jemima_Khan – Disappointed to be missing The Tomwatsonator #hackgate

Nadine Dorries' running battle with David Cameron over her controversial abortion amendment to the health and social care bill resulted in a prime ministers questions confrontation followed by a defeat for her amendment in parliament:

@nigelfletcher – PM on Nadine: "I think I'm going to give up on this one". Quite – she's beyond help. #PMQs

@OutGuider – Worst thing about Cameron's juvenile sexist behaviour at PMQs is that it made me feel (very slightly) sorry for Nadine Dorries. Awful.

@Its_Death – There are an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of possibilities. And Nadine Dorries is annoying in every single one.

@cllrlindley – I am very angry with Nadine Dorries for putting me in a position where I am listening to a Diane Abbott speech and agreeing with all of it.

@uponnothing – Nadine Dorries is an elected MP. Anyone still think the current electoral system is fit for purpose?

@ChrisBryantMP – Nadine Dorries' speech is a disgrace, casting completely unsubstantiated aspersions on counselling by BPAS and Marie Stopes

@PatrickOsgood – I understand Nadine Dorries is ending her odious political career live on television. Excellent.

@VictoriaPeckham – Long & blathering speech which damaged her cause rather than a short sharp one to aid it. Dorries cares only for limelight – not principles.

@bellamackie – #Dorries is alone in the FIELD. *cackles maniacally, gets coat*

@piglungs – My sole access to the world right now being twitter, I can only conclude that Nadine Dorries has just invaded Poland.

@nickboalch – I enjoy #Dorries's view of the world, in which @DrEvanHarris is an evil puppetmaster, controlling British politics from his volcano lair.

@aderixon – I trust the advice being given to #Dorries to terminate is independent.

@zootcadillac – despite being on the health select committee it appears #dorries has scuttled out of parliament even though health bill remains debated

@Julessn – Who's Dorries going to blame now? Everyone but herself, the perpetrator of her own downfall #aristotle

David Cameron and Ed Miliband returned from the summer break for their first prime minister's questions sparring match:

@stephenfulham – Finally watching PMQs, hope this counts as Politics homework..

@twitsplatt – I was quite excited that PMQs was back today. That's probably quite sad.

@mrchrisaddison – #pmqs is Democracy in Action in the same way that the Dragon rollercoaster at Legoland is a dragon.

@Nigel_Farage – Any Tories who still think Cameron will give them a referendum on EU membership after today's #pmqs?

@pacey_patrick – It surely proves the #nhs reforms aren't right when our PM has to lie in public to try gain support for them. #pmqs #savethenhs

@richardblogger – Surely the PM lying at PMQs should be more newsworthy than rich economists wittering about tax that poor people don't pay

MPs debated the health and social care bill in parliament, which they passed by 65 votes:

@anna_burnside – @SimonHughesMP I hope you're ashamed of yourself for voting through the reforms. #ididntvoteforthis & I'll never vote for you again

@christinamartin – Only 4 Lib Dems voted against the privitisation…sorry, 'reform' of the NHS. Such a moderating influence.

@festinagirl – Can we stop calling the wholesale privatisation & destruction of the NHS a 'reform' – it benefits no one but the few

George Osborne made headlines with a controversial x-rated joke at the GQ awards:

@MartinShovel – Advice to George Osborne: a joke – by definition -should be funny

@iamalexwhite – Did anyone consider that George Osborne might have been booed off the GQ stage purely for being George Osborne?

@SimonNRicketts – George Osborne won 'Politician of the Year' at the GQ Awards tonight. Tom Watson didn't. That's all you need to know about GQ magazine.

BBC Question Time drew its usual high level of Twitter attention:

@johnprescott – @bbcquestiontime Please remind Bio-Dimbleby to do the #DIMBLEDANCE tonight. During the end credits will be fine #bbcqt @DIMBLEBOT

@MyCrippledEagle – Imagine every time people mentioned the IRA they said "radical Catholic terrorists". #bbcqt

@technicalslip – Liam Fox is that brutal blend of patronising, zealous and profoundly thick. Not easy to watch. #BBCQT

@themsmint – Catching up with #bbcqt. Bonnie Greer with her ridiculous scarves & opinions. Tariq Ali with his ridiculous moustache & opinions…

@JoWallace – This can't be right. During the discussion on Al Qaeda, terrorism and Sadam, it's Tony Blair who gets booed like a pantomime villain #bbcqt

@mairikeir – After the most boring #bbcqt ever, welcome to the most boring news day ever. #getoverit

David Miliband's appearance on the BBC Question Time panel split opinion on his suitability as a potential Labour leader:

@JamesMillman – How is David Milliband not leader of the Labour party? Probably best Ed stays away from twitter tonight #bbcqt

@corfmeister – Fascinated by D. Miliband's wee splodge of grey hair. Looks like he's fallen headfirst into a small saucer of cream #bbcqt

@LudditeWebDev – For those of you thinking David Miliband is looking statesmanlike, here he is being menaced by confetti. #bbcqt

@jennie_kermode – I'm not convinced by this post- #bbcqt David Miliband worship. There's a difference between a competent debate speaker and a good leader.

@GothicBlue – My timeline is evenly split over the pros and cons of David Miliband. And someone doesn't like him but loves his tie. #bbcqt

@kieranmcalpine – Catching up on last nights #bbcqt and wondering what could have been? @DMiliband outstandingly considered and articulate as usua

@DugaldMacMillan – Lots of people talking up David Milliband on #bbcqt last night. Fact remains, lacks a pair to be a leader.

@ChristianJMay – Fascinating re-launch of David Miliband on #bbcqt last night. Seems his political opinions now come from the NUS handbook.

@feathers_iron – Can we get Ed and David Miliband to join forces as an English #jedward ? #bbcqt